Doula and Postpartum Services

I believe every expectant mom should be able to have a doula if she desires one.

Patience Dominick

Doula and Lamaza Childbirth Educator

Birth Doula

As your doula I will be fully present throughout your pregnancy, labor & birth.

Before your birth we will meet a few times to build relationship, answer questions & create a birth plan according to your preferences. 2 weeks before and after your due date I will be on call and ready when you need me.

In labor, I will come to either your house or meet you at your birthing location. I will help create a calm, safe environment, and encourage you and your partner towards the birth you desire. I will be by you every step of the way!

After your birth I will stay with you until your little baby is resting in your arms, you are clean, fed, loved and ready to enjoy that precious little blessing you brought into this world.

I will follow up in the days and weeks after your birth to ensure you and your family are doing well! I believe in your ability to birth!

Contact me for pricing, availability & free consultation!

Postpartum Doula

Bringing a new baby home can come with many challenges, but I am here to help make that transition easier for you and your family.

I offer assistance with getting your house set up for baby, meals, cleaning, breastfeeding support, sleep schedule, and whatever else you and your family may need so you can focus on what matters most… Your precious bonding time!

~I am available days, nights & weekends.

~Packages or hourly options available with flexible payment arrangements.

Childbirth Education

Lamaze education has come a long way from its simple breathing techniques, and is now based on the best, most current evidence available. Lamaze believes that birth is normal, natural and healthy and that women have the innate ability to give birth and I too believe that! Lamaze also helps reduce the use of unnecessary interventions and improve overall outcomes for mothers and their babies. Millions of parents have achieved their desired childbirth outcomes using Lamaze practices. Being certified with Lamaze allows me to be up to date with the ever changing birthing world. I too believe in the Lamaze practices and am proud to be certified with them so that I can help create knowledgeable, empowered, and confident parents who have the ability to make informed decisions and have the skills to cope with the twists and turns of pregnancy, birth & parenting!

We learn more by what we do and not by what we hear. So in my classes you will be fully engaged with visuals, games, role play and so much more to help you ACTUALLY remember when it comes time to birth your little human!

You will learn this and lots more!

-Pregnancy Health & Nutrition
-Informed decision making
-How to build a birth plan
-How to prepare your mind and body for labor & birth
-Pain coping strategies
-How partners can help
-Building confidence
-Group, private, virtual & in person options available!

Mamas on the Move

Mamas on the move meets weekly at various locations throughout Tuolumne County. We meet Monday evenings and Thursday mornings.

This group is for mamas who want to be in community with other moms, kids and explore the great outdoors. We also have monthly meetups for moms only where we get to enjoy some time without the kiddos!

All mamas welcome.

Bring your bellies, babies, carriers, and strollers.

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